Maximum Number of Business on the Cloud/Server Edition

Hello House,

I’m new to Manager and love the Feel. I’m just wondering what is the maximum number of businesses that can be added to the Server/Cloud edition. And maximum number of users that can be logged in to the different businesses at any one instance.

Also I realised some of the reports I came across cannot be exported to Excel. Is there a workaround.

As far as I’m aware, there is theoretically no limit to either.

Technical limitations might come into effect (available storage, etc) but with Server Edition you have full control of this.

I don’t think all reports are exportable. Many are intended to be used in the PDF format, and it might not be possible to represent some of the more complex reports in CSV / TSV / etc.

This should not be true except for customer and supplier statements, which are the finished products of considerable manipulation of other records. And they can be converted to PDFs, emailed, printed, etc. What report did you find that cannot be exported? (Since you are new, perhaps you are misusing the term reports? Reports are all under the Reports tab.)

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