Theme customization

I want to print Invoice’s i. I have checked all themes, but no one suit’s my requirement. How can I customize invoice format according to my requirement, I have tried editing the code. But doesn’t get actual result.

This is not a coding forum. If you do not personally have the necessary skills to customize a theme, you should hire a local programmer. Anyone who can do web development should be able to handle such an assignment. Note that themes are written in Liquid.

Dear tut,
Thanks for your supporting reply. I better know that it’s not a coding forum. I do businessand I have business skill , I am not a programmer nor I have any programmer friend, and I don’t have so much time for finding them .
I am new to this , and anything you start first time you may stuck in that. And this is happening with me. And for this site, I have paid so I have right to ask for support, If I face any problem. Such type of reply from you people, demotivate manager user.So give supporting and valuable reply, If you can help it’s OK otherwise let it be.

customization in any manner is a user specific need. every individual has different needs. while there are different themes already available on the official page, some users need few changes that suits their needs.

such users have already asked the same on the forum and if it is a minor change other users have posted the solutions. but even for this the user has to have some knowledge about coding so that he can make the necessary changes. if they do not have those skills, they can communicate the needs to someone locally who has the necessary skills. it is impossible for other users here to teach you or give an online course on coding or rather make a visit to your place.

please search the forum for possible minor coding solutions that matches your need and if you still do not find, post your requirements here. if it is something minor and other users have their time to spare, they will be happy to help. but you cannot expect a timeline for that.

Please understand that while you may pay for a server license or cloud fee, you are not paying for this forum, which is free to all users. With only one exception, forum members–including moderators like myself–are other users, not the developer. We offer assistance as we are able, while running our own businesses. Since you are new, following guidance on forum rules will help you get the most out of the program: FAQ - Manager Forum.

In particular, note that commercial solicitations are prohibited. Your request for programming support, without even mentioning what your requirements are, suggests that you expect someone to provide coding services to you. We are all participating in the forum to learn about using the program in better ways, not to discuss customizing it for others’ needs.

I would recommend that you place an advertisment for a local developer that knows HTML, CSS and Liquid programming syntax. That will be enough to do the task for you.

Even if they only know the first two but have no experience with Liquid, they should have enough knowledge to complete the task.