Customizing themes

How can i get the theme coding to customize my theme

If you do not personally have the Liquid coding skills to customize a theme, hire a local programmer. Any competent web designer should be able to do this for you. This is not a coding forum, however. See this Guide:

i have done the coding, it was available on the site at themes downloading,
but i dont see them anymore on the site

Update your software. Themes were just brought back inside the program. See A link to this Guide was contained in the other Guide I linked to.

Thanks for the link

Thank a lot, i have manage to change the coding on my theme

Hi, I am not getting the computer code page for the themes when i am clicking on edit also i cannot do further customization of the themes when i am clicking on edit.
I am attaching the screen shot of the page i am landing to when i am click on Edit.

first you need to activate the theme by clicking the Active checkbox and then Update button.
read this guide

When you view the theme you click Copy to then select New Theme rename it then click Create

Thanks for your quick reply. one more quick help. when i am trying add footer its not appearing at the bottom of the page, rather its appearing at last wherever the the content is ending.
Is it possible to you if you can guide us with this? also i dont want the text at the bottom on the screen shot below:

@HAJEN_CONSTRUCTION, this is not a coding forum. Hire a local programmer if you don’t have the skills to program the theme you want.

The text at the bottom of the document is a function of your browser or printer settings. It is not placed there by Manager. I’d start by unchecking Headers and footers in your print dialog box.