Modification - software customise

I am currently user of your cloud edition. but my company deals in medical equipment and need some addition column which can be transfer to delivery note, sales invoice, purchase invoice etc.
Can i request customize software for my company

Yes, you can ask but it is unlikely to be implemented if you are the only one asking for a particular modification.

You can create and use Custom fields on many of the forms but you would need to be more specific in what you need to get a meaningful reply to your request

dear concern,

i am sending you format of DC & Invoice which i want to implement in your product to use for my business
the all colum enter one time good recipt note and transfer this data column from it to inventory , then sales invoive and finaly in delivery note

You can line item custom fields for some of this information.

Add custom fields for individual line items

There is an example with a Lot Number.

You could set up a test business and experiment with custom fields to see if they can meet your requirements.

However, as Manager is designed to be accounting software it may not meet the requirements for lot control and tracing which is mandatory in the medical equipment industry

is it possible to connect cloud version to sale software that when sale in enter in sale software it automatically enter in cloud to