Mobile version

In which version we can use manager on mobile also?
What is the charges and also is there trial version in this ?

Mobile version is not available. you can access cloud edition through browser. For trial version you can register here

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We really need mobile layouts. It should be a breeze to do. Simply make the left pane a hamburger menu and let the sections on the right stack. I’m having issues with selecting inventory items when creating PIs and SIs, the selector appears way down in the bottom right making it almost impossible to select items to go on an invoice.

It’s very difficult to adapt an application like Manager for the narrow screen of a mobile device because it is organized around entry of line items. When individual line items wrap, they are very difficult for users to grasp. Already, many users complain when they have to scroll right and left on laptop or desktop monitors.

I’m using cloud edition for 2 months now. I also really feel that there should be some progress in mobile friendly dynamic version

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@ Tut,
And what should they do to read a screen? Buy magnifiers? LOL
Come on do we really want to put everything in a handy or tablet. Be realistic and buy a suitable laptop that can handle the screens and don’t try to put everything in a handy or other kind of mobile device. By the way, a small laptop is also a mobile device so as a matter of fact there already is a mobile version.

I am with you, @Hennie. My last post was meant to point out the difficulty of putting an app like Manager on a mobile device. I definitely did not mean to support the idea of doing so.

That’s why I supported you with my, I think very clear, reply.

Just making sure. :wink:

I have no trouble accessing and using Manager from my 4G iPad with the aid of a bluetooth keyboard. It would be difficult to achieve this on your mobile phone though. If an app is considered, it should only fulfil specific tasks for someone out and about / on the road. For example generate an order, invoice or log time and display only the very necessary input fields. Email from the app would be a must. A mobile device would not be expected to operate Manager in the same way you would work while sitting at a desktop or laptop.
In addition I would foresee the mobile phone being used for inventory scanning and stocktake / management purposes at some point should the Inventory module take off.

Guys please do not oppose the mobile trend - It has happened.

The Cloud and Server version of Manager is already web based and as you know websites today are written to sense and detect what devices may be connecting to it. To put it simply the website uses this data / information to direct the web clients to the appropriate pages for PC or mobile devices. Thus the pages will be readable and function as expected on your particular device.

I am guessing that one would have to acquire a smart phone first, so won’t be happening on my flip top.

@Tut I have mixed views on this issue.

I can’t understand how anyone can do any work on a phone - the screens are just not big enough to do anything practical in my opinion but I suppose if you are on site and you want to give your client a quick quote or something or a small job like that, it would be handy or scanning for inventory on site! That’s probably what people want it for.

As for whether Manager could support phones and tablets - the answer is yes - it is a web based application (the cloud and server versions) and any website can be made to be responsive (work on any size screens) - you can even make the website look completely different on a tablet for example you could have three columns of text on a website, whereas on the phone you would see column one across the width of the screen and scroll down for cloumn two etc. So actually, it would be easy to support Manager on a phone. My own website for example, required less than ten lines of code to adjust for small screens like phones versus larger screens.

The problem with the left right scrolling in Manger on desktop computers is an issue with layout design as it should not be necessary to scroll to the right as there is loads of space. I suspect that the issue is that the pixels are a fixed size instead of percentage based which is how responsive css coding works.

I think responsive CSS design is something that Manager should implement at some point in the future. Admittedly I don’t care if it doesn’t happen, because I have my computer and my laptop and I doubt that I will ever get a tablet as I just find it frustrating to work on. But I just wanted to highlight that its actually not that difficult to make a website (Manager) responsive to different screen sizes although it would depend on how the coding was created originally I guess.

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This is my belief as well. It is good to have a mobile version not because you should “switch” from desktop, but because it makes the app accessible even if you are on the run and don’t have your computer on your body.

At least if we have mobile version we can see the invoice whenever we are out on travelling, we can see the day to day sales easily without doing much login work…

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You won’t be able to see anything unless you are on the cloud edition. And if you are, you will have to log in exactly like you would on any other machine.