Mobile Edition?

Is there likely to be an Android / iOS mobile app for the Manager Software?
It would be useful when out on a job to be able to create a quotation, maybe to input purchases when sitting in the van on the way home.


Manager UI is designed for large screens. I’ve seen people using mobile phones to connect to Manager on cloud/server editions. It works but I’m not convinced it’s that usable.

What is needed is native Android / iOS app which is actually designed for small screens. There is going to be API for Manager so someone else will be able to make this happen.


thanks for the reply

So when could we have the ios app?


Today, I use the free desktop version, but store the Manager file on the cloud. This way, I can access Manager on my home PC or on another PC - both point to the file stored in the cloud. What would be ideal is a native iOS app (and Android) that connects to the Manager file store on OneDrive, DropBox, etc. similar to how Office 365 works for Word, Excel, etc. that I can easily open and edit files on the cloud.

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Just use Server or Cloud edition, then access it via the internet through a Web Browser. No app required. Cloud edition would be easier to set up.

Web Browser is not usable for mobile devices. accountant enters datas, managers, sales team etc. just check, get and provide with info for suppliers/customers/vendors etc. Web browser is not usable for them, our teams view is to have an app for this. We strongly suggest, and you should strongly consider an app.

I am feel sorry for accountants who enter data from mobile device…

IMO web browser suffice for that

My mistake… Accountants use big screen… others use mobile devices including me… and me and others do not find it usable…