Android Version Required

Android app should be like as desktop version.

You can use the cloud or the server edition. It is accessible from every device that has a modern browser.

Cloud version isn’t Mobile-Friendly website.

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He asked for the same version of the desktop one.

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Our people use MANAGER also on mobile but everything is smooth - no problem

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if you want an android version you surely will need it to connect to your pc or server, an standalone android version doesnt make much sense, you cant possibly thing to keep all data and make invoices and reports and all the rest by your android phone,
if you need it to connect to your server i thing is a waste of time because you can open your browser and everything is there, the interface is like the one on pc and it works very well. used and tested. if you plan to use a tablet then cloud/server version is better

Definitely, you got my point.

This is true at this stage. A lot of work has been done this year so it will be possible to convert Manager into responsive layout.


I can definitely see that and it’s very promising.

Perhaps then we can have “apps” for iphone and Android. Nothing special, just a standalone fullscreen instance of the native browser with the Manager icon, much like the Desktop app. The only significant question would be how to store the server URLs and credentials without going too deep into mobile development.

That would really be great though.

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A responsive layout is just a different layout of the same page based on the screen resolution.

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