Missing invoice recording in P&L?

I have an invoice in JAN 2014 that is not recording in my P&L report when I run the report from Jan 01 2014 to Dec 31 2014. All the others are there except this invoice? It does not record the Labour or Sales in the report? Thoughts?

Are you sure you entered the date as 2014 and not just 14? For example, depending on your preference settings for date and number format, you must enter 01/15/2014, NOT 01/15/14.

That’s one possibility. The latter would make the entry 2000 years old, a little outside your window.

Thanks for buzzing in Tut,
I have it all set up, and checked again, for ex. 01/15/2014 not 01/15/14
… other thoughts?

Assuming this is a sales invoice, did you select a customer? The customer must have already been created in the Sales Invoices tab. If you did not select a customer, the transaction will show up in Suspense. Is anything showing there? Properly kept double-entry accounting will never result in anything going into the Suspense account of Manager.

Also, can you view the invoice? If so, does it show as paid in full? If not, there will be a corresponding amount in Accounts receivable.

Somehow, somewhere, you have miscategorized something. If invoices were vanishing, there would be hundreds of similar posts on this forum. Did you run a Trial Balance? If so, do debits and credits match?

Yep the balance matches.

I can view the invoice and it’s paid in full.

I did select the customer when making the invoice.

Something is mis-categorized I agree, just can’t find where. Reviewing the invoice I have a labor ,value , hours , and total then a second line for sales, value total and tax, Then the total amount to be paid. When I received the payment, it went into the account receivable as like all the other invoices. I have deleted the entire transaction and re did it and have had the same result still.

So, @mrfixit, you have really peaked my interest. Let’s go back to the beginning. When you say “I have an invoice in JAN 2014 that is not recording in my PnL report,” what exactly do you mean? If you run the Profit and Loss Statement under the Reports tab, individual invoices are not listed, only the net in the various income and expense accounts for the period defined for that report. So how do you know this invoice is missing and others are not?

Next, please explain further your description of what you see upon review. You mentioned having labor, value, hours, and total, but these are not the headings of columns on the sales invoice, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Then you say you have a second line for sales, value total and tax, but I’m having the same problem. As I am currently understanding you, you are not describing a sales invoice from Manager. The reason I’m pressing you about this is I suspect you might have mistakenly entered the information twice into offsetting accounts with the result that this particular invoice has no impact on your Profit and Loss Statement.

Next, did you generate the sales invoice from the Billable Time tab? Or did you create it under the Sales Invoice tab? What you see will be a little different. In the first case, additional default accounts are involved.

Lastly, a little more information, please. Is there anything in the Suspense account on your Summary page? Does Suspense even show under Equity? If so, click on the blue total and drill down to see what’s there. When you view the invoice in question, is there a line under the total labeled “Amount credited?” And does it match the invoiced total?

And never forget, I’m not an NGSoftware staff member, just a fellow user trying to help someone understand the program the way others helped me when I first started using Manager.

Thanks Tut, I appreciate the help, Ill do the best to explain.
so, Suspense account, never been there before,
The invoice is there, i don’t see amount credited, but the invoice matches.
I generated an invoice from Sales Invoice tab, selected my customer name, and started to build the invoice.
Now to explain the invoice,
I have customer listing, invoice summery of the job, then next is " ACCOUNT - DESCRIPTION - QTY - UNIT PRICE - DISCOUNT - AMOUNT -TAX " Under Account, I made headers in my “chart of accounts” to break down where and how I was billing stuff. So that is why I had labour, Sales. Account was tagged labour, Description was tagged labour, qty was 28 hrs, unit price was $50 etc etc, then at the end I hit enter to bring up another line, and there I selected “sales” under account, and then in sales I use misc materials in description, qty 1, unit price was say $1100.00 etc etc.

So after all this is done, I would go to my Reports page for PNL and run the report. It breaks down my sales and my labour for the report ( 1 years worth) on each of those lines at the right, the total is in blue. I can click the total and it brings up the linked invoices of where i have generated labour or sales so I can see which invoices it was on. The one I am missing is not in this list, but should be. example. the sales in the report page is $700, but the invoice I am missing has a ‘sales’ value of $1000.00 so on the report it should be $1700.00 not $700.00. All the other invoice i have made up are like this and show up, except this one. my run date is correct. made the invoice on 07/01/2014, paid same day. run the report for the full year should pick it up?

Thanks again for helping me with this. Its my first go at home accounting.

Send your accounting file to support@manager.io which will give you definitive answer why you can’t see that particular invoice on P&L.

One of the reasons could be that you are preparing your P&L on cash-basis and while the invoice was issued within the period of P&L, it was paid after the period therefore it wouldn’t be included. Anyway, send the file in and let’s see what’s the matter.

I should have thought of that. Hopefully, that will be the problem.