Profit and loss doesn't show full details

Please refer to the photo below. It will explain what I mean. because I created a sale discount in my chart of accounts under income and another item as shown in the photos. but when I check report it don’t show in the P&L statement.

What’s the issue date of the invoice? Also, is your profit & loss generated on cash-basis or accrual-basis?

invoice was issued last, as my account receivable for this year.

Sorry but you didn’t answer none of my two questions.

sorry, here is the answer to your question. invoice issue date was dec 22 2014. profile and loss generation in accrual basis. thank you for helping.

The P&L report you have posted screenshot of is generated for the period from 1/2/2015 to 1/2/2015.

If invoice is dated before 1/2/2015, it will not be included in this P&L.