Missing inventory items during Batch Update

I have spent hours trying to do the batch update, however, when I paste my items back into manager there are 5 items missing.
I have almost 5,000 items in my inventory and I don’t want to lose any.

For the life of me, I can’t work out why the 5 are missing or which 5 they are.
They are all in the spreadsheet, only missing when I paste them back into Manager.

Surely it can be made so that the form default works for ALL existing items, not only new ones.

Can anyone offer any help/advice.

Many thanks in advance.

Do a batch update on the results,
sort both new & prior batch update by key
then look where alignment is lost.

@CoastalHobbies, I have moved your post and the response to a new topic. You may have experienced this problem while trying to suppress item names on sales invoices or sales orders, but the issue is different from the topic where you posted. This is a Batch Update problem of items possibly disappearing, not difficulty adjusting displayed content.

This suggests a problem with the UUIDs (the Key column). You may have juggled keys while manipulating the spreadsheet to make your updates. Or you might have somehow introduced errors in the keys. (If a key in the updated spreadsheet does not match one already in the database, that line of the spreadsheet will be ignored.)

Batch updates have nothing to do with Form Defaults. Form Defaults are used to preformat transactions.

Why do you mention “new ones?” New items cannot be entered during a Batch Update. You can only update existing ones, because the program must first have assigned a key. If you are adding new items while also updating old ones, you will need to use Batch Create for the new items. The keys will be assigned when the batch is created.

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I meant that when selecting the form default, there should be a way of making it work for all items in the system already as well as new ones, added into Manager at a later date, when raising an invoice.

I was hoping there was a way to change the default setting on all existing items other than doing a batch update. I have had issues in the past where the spreadsheet has changed SKUs etc to items such as a date due to what the SKU was and have avoided doing batch updates since.

The only change I made was changing the FALSE to be TRUE, then copied and pasted back into manager.
Maybe Excel has made a change to something. It’s not an entire column, only 5 items are missing when I compare the number of items. I don’t know which ones and to go through and compare each line would most likely take me as long as manually changing each item one by one in Manager.

That is the problem I posted a solution to in post #2 above Missing inventory items during Batch Update - #2 by Patch

That wouldn’t be preferable, maybe you mentioned your terms and conditions in your form defaults, you don’t want the old documents to relect your new form defaults.

However, just in case you do want to, this shouldn’t be a problem once the new Find & Recode function is improved.

Now back to original post. There are many situations where the Batch update wouldn’t show all transactions pasted:

  1. As @Tut mentioned, these lines have no keys – i.e. new transactions
  2. The batch update function automatically filter out those lines that haven’t changed.
  3. The keys were invalidated between copying and pasting of batch – e.g. transaction where deleted before the update was completed.
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