Selective batch update

When using batch update on inventory items, does the copy & paste data always contain all items?
I have entered over 1,500 items so far and I just realised that I made an error on my last batch create. I can use a filter when searching the items and was hoping that when I clicked on batch update, it would just provide the current 42 items to copy and paste but it seems to include all items.
I can use export to only get the the selected 42 items but can I then edit them and paste back the edited version or do I need to copy all 1580 items into excel, find and edit the applicable ones and then copy & paste back all 1580 items back again?

I would prefer to move as little as possible between Manager and excel and then back again as sometimes excel makes changes that go un-noticed due to formatting etc.
e.g. it may change some text into dates or times etc. It likes to stuff up my barcode entries and there are other things that excel just doesn’t like to leave alone.

The less I move between programs, the less likely I am to incur unwanted changes.

Hope I have been clear and that I’m making sense.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


No, because the export includes only data shown on the screen being exported, not the entire inventory item database, which as you can see includes True/False selections, keys, etc.

That’s an Excel issue. Use Paste Special command and select the option to paste as text.

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