Batch update

how to use batch update for inventory?

Select batch create that appears at the bottom in inventory items.
Select and copy the data to excel.
Update the columns with your inventory data.
Copy everything and paste it back to Manager.
Select next and update.

is there any tutorial available?

Have you read this?

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thanks a lot

i have a question about this batch creat
when i copy everything data from excel and paste it back to Manager , i only have 174 customer instead of 455 customer?
how its happen ? and how to get all my 455 customer list?

Did you copy and paste all 455 customers ?
Are the 174 customers in one continuous block within the spreadsheet, if yes, then copy the missing 281 into a new spreadsheet and do another Batch Create.

tq for reply
yes i copy all the 455 customers,and all the customers in one block.
i also tried to copy the missing customers but still can get all

Perhaps try doing them in blocks of 50

ok i’ll try it