Missing foreign currency column in new update

@lubos missing foreign currency column in new update, it was very useful and easy looking for foreign currency records. missing that option


Read New Experimental Summary Screen. Drilling down in the Customers tab through the Accounts Receivable figure for a customer lists every transaction in the foreign currency if the customer is denominated in a foreign currency. You do not have to look for foreign currency transactions in the location you have shown.

@Tut already did thank you for mention .

but its still not show the foreign currency, its replaced with account name without foreign amount.
before early can know amount value in foreign currency. now only can see the local currency. as you can see

You are looking at a drill-down on Accounts receivable for those subaccounts maintained in SAR, and further for some specific customer you have obscured. So every transaction on this list is maintained in SAR. The revised engine acknowledges the fact that Accounts receivable subaccounts are kept in the currency of the customer, regardless of the currency of the cash or bank account into which receipts are posted. In other words, the subaccount you are looking at does not have the foreign currency amount posted to it.

@maldroubi I’m still improving drilling-down in new Summary screen. Check the latest version ( 20.5.85) to see if it’s better now. It will show transaction amount as well if the transaction is posting to account of different currency (e.g. receiving money from SAR customer into USD bank account)

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you are right, and thanks for explanation, but according for the same subaccounts receivable the foreign currency column was an good option for the same results but for different MANAGER versions .

perfect work. :100:
stunning, now accounts name + foreign currency amount = upgrades :+1: :+1: :+1: