Unable to enter customer order numbers on sales invoices

I have just updated Manager and find that I can no longer enter customer order numbers on sales invoices.

When I click to add order number, it comes up with ‘no match found’ and will not accept any order number.

This is an integral part of my invoicing as the majority of my customers use order numbers so any help would be much appreciated, thank you

The sales order field links Sales Orders (SO) created in manager to Sales Invoices. They’re not the field to enter manual customer Purchase Orders (PO) references.

The manual field existed before the linking was introduced and they were kept for a while to ease the transition. Anyway, the old Order # field functions exactly like a custom field, so there’s that.

Possible solutions to your issue are:

  • Use customer PO as the reference for your SO and just copy the SO to an invoice.
  • If you don’t want to use the built-in SO feature, you can use the description field to manually enter customer PO ref.
  • If you’re using the description for something else, you can always create a custom field to hold manual customer PO ref.

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