Missing features

I’m by no means an expert on accounting software, though I have worked as a professional accountant, so I know a thing or two.

95% of accounting transactions originate from the bank statements. So any half decent accounting package needs a streamlined way to enter the transactions from a bank statement. Something you can quickly key a date for each transaction, an account number, and an amount, debit or credit. Presumably there would be a few features to help reconcile and make sure you’ve got the totals right. But this essential feature seems to be missing, which would make it just endless pain to enter your transactions.

Also I note the lack of sub-accounts makes it hard to do various things, and the lack of account numbers or similar makes it not that great for data entry.

You can import bank statements, see http://guides.manager.io/businesses/bank-accounts/importing-bank-statements

The tool will also accept CSV files if you want to code bank statement in some spreadsheet program.

Sub-accounts are coming, for the time being, you can use Classified balance sheet or Multi-step income statement options under Settings tab which allow to organize accounts into sub-groups.