Automatic interpretation of imported bank statements

First of all: Manager looks really, really nice! We’ve been looking into various accounting softwares and so far Manager seems to be exactly what we wished for. (Mainly because of how flexible it seems with the Plugin structure.)

One feature I really loved about FreeAgent was that it automatically interpreted your imported bank statements and filed in the matching accounting categories. Also outgoing money would automatically be related to supplier bills. Is there anything like that on your roadmap?


I’m very interested in this feature. I wonder if anything has happened for it? I know some people for that will not use manager for the lack of this feature.

Part of this would be invoice number recognition, of course.

Yeah, there are many reasons why someone wouldn’t use Manager. I’m rapidly squashing these reasons one by one based on feedback I’m getting.

There was a lot more noise around multi-currency, inventory, manufacturing, time-tracking, payroll and many other features so that’s where the action was happening (and is happening right now).

It seems like this feature request will still need to wait for a few more months. Sorry about that.

That’s ok. No problem. keep up the good work