Missing a Calc Net option to work out the VAT Sales Invoice

I am just trialing this Server version and the 1 issue is that we use a feature that sage had which it you had the total price including VAT, the option to select and click a button to convert this straight to pre-vat price which is very handy if you cannot put all prices in as we do have variable pricing as well.

if you could help I would really appreciate it.

Have you read the Guides at Manager Cloud and Manager Cloud?

thanks for replying. I might not of been too clear, for example, if you have a service and this is a one off price of 75.00(inclusive of VAT) is there a way of the unit price to be calculated to the price (excluding VAT) and then the vat is added in the normal way. Its just an easy way staff for one off prices where they don’t know the pre-vat price to be calculated quickly without getting a calculator. this is one of the functions Sage has which is quite useful when doing sales.

I guess the entire invoice must be inclusive or exclusive.

To be honest, I’m yet to see an invoice which would combine VAT-inclusive amounts and VAT-exclusive amounts on single invoice. You said Sage can do this, can you show screenshot of such an invoice? I’m curious how is such an invoice presented.

If your item prices are quoted as VAT-exclusive, then your service should be quoted also as VAT-exclusive. This is just to maintain consistency in pricing.

thanks for the reply. its not to show both values. If I had a misc item at 70.00 inclusive of vat (not set as a price on the item), I would need to find the ex vat value to put in so when the vat is applied to the line item, this is then correct. what sage has is a calc net button so when you are on a unit field, when pressed would replace the value I put in at 70.00 and give me the value of 58.33 and when then vat is applied will be correct. it was to get a quick way of working out the value to put in ad hoc for one off invoices.

if necessary, I can provide a screenshot tomorrow.

thanks everyone so far.

I see what you mean now. I don’t plan to add this button in Manager since it is one of those marginal features which hardly anyone uses. These are the worst kind of features because they provide no value to vast majority of users yet they are seen by everyone.

And I would go as far as challenge your pricing. If you are quoting VAT-exclusive prices on your items, why not quote VAT-exclusive price (let’s say 60.00) on services too? Then you wouldn’t need Calc Net button at all.

thanks for the reply. I just noticed that option and that works brilliantly. just what we need. I am still learning this program, but its really good.

Actually @lubos I was going to ask if there could be a VAT incl to Vat exc calc button within the program as some of my suppliers don’t show the ex Vat price on their website, which means that I have to calculate the ex vat price every time I want to order something or quote a client for a product.

when I get the actual invoice, I obviously get the ex vat price on the invoice, but when price shopping, I have to calculate the ex vat price for suppliers that don’t show the ex vat price. I don’t know about other people, but I actually think the calc button would be more useful than you realise.

If supplier is including VAT in their prices, you can send them purchase order with VAT-inclusive prices. All you need to do is check the box Amounts are tax inclusive on purchase order screen. The same goes for quotes.

Its not the invoices that are vat inclusive. Its their prices on the website that I want to convert to ex vat prices. But its not a huge problem. I just open up my old spreadsheet and run the calc there.

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