Display total excluding VAT and total including VAT on an invoice when using prices including VAT

When creating an invoice with prices excluding VAT the invoice is showing the totals as:

  • Sub-total
  • VAT 21%
  • Total

When creating an invoice with prices including VAT the invoice is showing the totals as:

  • Total
  • Includes VAT 21%

Is it possible to display an invoice with prices including VAT as:

  • Total
  • VAT 21%
  • Total excluding VAT

I tried to work with prices excluding VAT but then the total amount is not always rounded nicely.
I tried to change the HTML of the theme but I couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Manager won’t do that. The point is that prices either do or do not include tax.

Thank you for your quick answer.

My customers always pay a hour rate including tax (for example 35 euro). The tax authorities in the Netherlands told me all 3 amounts (total excluding tax, tax and total including tax) must be on the invoice when the total amount is higher then 100 euro.
I understand the only solution in Manager is to work with a hour rate excluding tax (for example 28,9256 euro) and use the option ‘Round off the total’ in the invoice. The total including tax will then be nicely rounded and the customer is recognizing his rate.
The only disadvantage is the option must be activated every time I create an invoice higher then 100 euro.

The most ideal solutions is using prices including tax when creating invoices and the total exluding tax is shown to on the invoice.
Unfortunally this is not working that way. Maybe something on a wishlist :slight_smile:

Why not make it the permanent option regardless of the invoice being under or over 100 euro.
Then you won’t have to concern yourself with switching between small value invoices.

I didn’t know this was possible. I will going to test it.

Thank you.

Check the box on a recent invoice and click on set default. This will not affect past invoices, only future ones.

I am familiar with the checkbox ‘Amounts are tax inclusive’. This is working well.
What I meant with the only disadvantage is that for every invoice must be checked if the total amount including tax is nicely rounded. If not the checkbox ‘Round off the total’ must be acivated and the right rounding must be choosen.
It would be nice if this checkbox has the option ‘Set default’ too.