Misplaced Totals column

Hi guys, i realised that the column of my “Total” has moved to the same row as my “Tax Code”.
It supposed to be same row as “Amount”, anyone can assist in this matter?

what edition?
what version?
what OS?
are you using a customized theme?

if you are using a customized theme, switch to any default themes provided in Manager.

hi, I figured out the same here, I use cloud edition.

cloud edition, default theme, Mac OS.

i guess @lubos will have to take a look at this problem.

Hi Sharp,
I’m currently using Manager Cloud Edition with my MacOS.
Both customized theme and default theme are having the same issue.

@lubos is looking at this. He just moved this topic to the bugs category.

Should be fixed now.

Dear @lubos thanks for your prompt action on this matter. Now everything is working fine with the latest version no 17.12.60


Thanks @lubos, it’s working fine now.

I am again experiencing this bug ‘misplaced total column’ after upgrade

@ssrasayan, you need to answer the same questions all the other members were asked in this old thread.

I am using the desktop version on windows and using default theme. The problem started with update to 20.7…version

I am having the same problem, updated and now my totals are in the middle, anyone can help me?


Okay, now you got me, what is .NET? sorry might sound dumb…

Login to the forum and look at the post in the link provided

I don’t think this will be fixed by .NET update.

For the record, I can’t reproduce this issue. Is this happening on desktop edition only? On Windows only? What version of Windows?

Two of the 4 users in the linked thread use Windows 7 and reported fixing the issue by updating .Net.
A third user used their Manager business file on Windows 10 without issue but on Windows 8 the issue occurred every time. The latest version on .NET Windows 8 supports is 4.6.1 but the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 all current later versions.

None of the user reported what version of .Net they were using prior to upgrading and fixing the problem.

Sorry I can’t be more specific as the issue does not occur with my Windows 7 system and I have not tried progressively down grading .Net