Shifting of total row to left

Yes, you are one of the three people.

i think the issue is limited to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.
i cannot reproduce this issue on Windows 10.

the users who have reported these issues, @Bikash1 and @BIBEK are on Windows 7.
@Mule1 had issues on Windows 8 and reported did not find issues when using the same business on Windows 10 laptop.
@ssrasayan has not confirmed anywhere what Windows version is being used.

I wonder what version of .NET each have installed.
Working fine for me with Windows 7 64 bit professional

Thats right, and the issue still persists to date. The same data is fine if opened on windows 10, Laptop, while my Pc windows 8 posses this problem. Maybe I should consider upgrading to windows 10

You should upgrade to Windows 10 - full stop.

@Bikash1 @BIBEK @ssrasayan @Mule1 Have you tried updating .NET to the current version

Alternatively currently installed versions of .NET version can be checked via several methods

Thanks for prompt reply and helping me. After updating framework issues got resolved.

Thanks. Issue solved

Just updated to 4.6.2 of .NET and my PC W8 can’t be allowed to be updated to anything above 6.7. My problem is not resolved.

What does this mean? You have updated .NET to a version higher than needed. What program are you referring to when you mention “anything above 6.7?”

@Tut did I just say 6.7 , my mistake, I meant anything above 4.7 of .net framework series. It seems the last version of .net framework in the 4.6 series is the 4.6.2. After this one comes 4.7 Series. I cant upgrade beyond this using windows 8. I am getting the error message saying, “the .net framework cannot be supported by the operating system on this PC”. According to Lubos, 4.6.1 or higher is recomended, but have a .net 4.6.2 version which is higher than the one Lubos recomended.

I don’t think there is anything beyond 4.6.2. It may be that Windows 8 won’t support 4.6.2, only 4.6.1. I don’t personally know. Regardless, the problem seems to be created by Windows and .NET software, not Manager. And, since your 2012 version of Windows hasn’t been supported by Microsoft since 2016, you eventually have to accept its obsolescence.

@Mule1 .Net is an integral part of Manager, I believe it is the platform on which Managers version of Liquid runs (the report scripting language). Having a compatible version is important.

Windows supports installation of multiple .Net series, probably to maintain compatibility with older software.

I suggest installing the current version of a series Manager is known to use such as v4.6.2. You may need to do some experimenting as Manager may try to use a later series if you have installed one.

As for Windows 8’s Manager support life, that is a later version than windows 7 which other users in this thread are using successfully and both still currently supported.

My thought was that eventually one of the pieces of software in the Manager application bundle is going to move on to a place where the main application will no longer work with older operating systems, even though the core app remains compatible. Maybe .Net 4.6.2 has reached that place with Windows 8. Just a possibility.

If you like here you will find more info from Microsoft about the .net framework:

Regarding to this topic following info is of real interest:
.NET Framework 4.8: Support for .NET 4.8 follows the Lifecycle Policy of the parent OS. It is supported as a Windows component on the latest required update for the operating systems below. We recommend customers upgrade to .NET Framework 4.8 to receive the highest level of performance, reliability, and security.

.NET Framework 4.8 supported OS

.NET Framework 4.8 supported OS|Client
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1 Update
Windows 10 version 1607
Windows 10 version 1703
Windows 10 version 1709
Windows 10 version 1803
Windows 10 version 1809
Windows 10 version 1903

So, if you have the opportunity, like a fine working internet connection, update your system to the latest .net version, or one earlier if you want to minimalize the risk of bugs. And preferably to Windows10, in order to avoid problems with the ongoing development of Manager and it’s software where Manager is based on.

Windows 8 had many flaws and therefore Microsoft released Windows 8.1 which is a free upgrade. Windows 8 is also not supported by Microsoft. I recommend you to upgrade your Windows to 8.1 by doing a windows update.

you are correct that Windows 8 does not support .net higher than 4.6 but Windows 8.1 supports the latest .net 4.8

Thanks Guys for the input, I will just have to upgrade my w8. I will give feedback when its done.

That’s exactly what the total line should be like


The latest version of .Net Windows 8 supports is 4.6.1 according to .NET Framework & Windows OS versions - .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs
For .Net v4.6.2 or higher you need Windows 8.1