Shifting of total row to left

I wanted to shift the Total colum to left of the invoice (marked in row) Total amount is showing below item column but I want to shift below Amount column. I have uploaded the pic for reference and marked the shifting.

recently few users are reporting this issue. maybe @lubos can look into this.
@Bikash1 please share your OS details and your Manager version.

@Bikash1, please use a screen capture tool to show images, rather than taking photographs.

Window 7 and manager version 20.7.77

i have uploded th screen shot

please share your OS and Manager version/edition details whenever you report an issue on the forum. without these details it is not possible to understand or narrow down the cause of issue.

Window 7 and manager version 20.7.77
Latest version of manager

Does the same thing happen if you switch to one of the other built-in themes? See Change the look of forms with themes | Manager.

Yes ibhave alps tried on custom theme and other inbuilt theme facing the same issue.

@lubos is going to have to look at this. Three people have complained of a similar issue recently, but only three people. If it is truly a program bug, it would affect thousands.

I am also having same problem with 20.7.77 version on windows

What happens if you delete the contents of the note field?

Looks similar to


@Bikash1, @BIBEK and @ssrasayan
I can’t reproduce this.

  • Does it happen with all sales invoices on your system?

  • Can you progressively simplify an invoice it occurs on and identify something that makes it go away?

Yes, you are one of the three people.

i think the issue is limited to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.
i cannot reproduce this issue on Windows 10.

the users who have reported these issues, @Bikash1 and @BIBEK are on Windows 7.
@Mule1 had issues on Windows 8 and reported did not find issues when using the same business on Windows 10 laptop.
@ssrasayan has not confirmed anywhere what Windows version is being used.

I wonder what version of .NET each have installed.
Working fine for me with Windows 7 64 bit professional

Thats right, and the issue still persists to date. The same data is fine if opened on windows 10, Laptop, while my Pc windows 8 posses this problem. Maybe I should consider upgrading to windows 10

You should upgrade to Windows 10 - full stop.

@Bikash1 @BIBEK @ssrasayan @Mule1 Have you tried updating .NET to the current version

Alternatively currently installed versions of .NET version can be checked via several methods