[Message, An error has occurred]


when ever im thrying to connect. this message keeps on coming in…
[Message, An error has occurred][Message, An error has occurred]

please what can i do after so much of my entries was already stored and need to process more quotes now that its year end and need urgent attention


When you say “connect,” that implies you are using either the server or cloud edition. Which one? Or, if you are actually using the desktop edition, you must be referring to launching the program, not connecting. Please clarify.

Also, post a screen shot of the actual error message.


Im using the server edition

when ever im trying to launch it its giving me these (MEssage, An Error has occurred), please how can i rectify and close my books

***Clery Vagi.


As I said, you need to clarify your situation. When and where does the problem occur? Are you trying to launch the application on your server or log into the server application with a web browser? And please post a screen shot of the actual message.


its a week now and the problem logging into the server application with web browser.


For the third time: please post a screen shot of the error message.