Program will not open

When I attempt to open the program it gives me a screen that reads: “navagation to the web page was canceled.” I am not trying to open a web page. I am attempting to open the program which holds all of our accounting data. What is the problem here?

First, understand that Manager operates as a web browser, even in the desktop edition.

Second, please provide information on operating system version, edition of Manager (desktop, server, or cloud), and version of Manager. You can read this from your directory if desktop.

Third, post an actual screen shot of the error message.

Lastly, fear not. The program contains none of your data. Your accounting data is stored in a separate file the program calls.

If you can’t get into desktop edition, could you install server edition using one of these guides?

It’s very possible server edition won’t be able to launch as well but it will give you proper error message which can help to figure out the issue.