Menu structure

This software is awesome and amazingly cheap. A great community too!

It’d be even better if the menu is a bit more organised, like Sage or sql-ledger (very difficult to setup). For example, we can have a function tree like this


  • New Bank Account
  • Cash Sale (Allow direct entry linked to income account, without having to go through receivable)
  • Cash Purchase (Allow direct entry linked to expense account, without having to go through receivable)


  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Make Payment
  • Debit Note


  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Receive Money
  • Credit Note
  • Re


  • Add new item
  • Write-off


  • Payslip (Pay individual)
  • Earning Categories
  • Pay All Employees


  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Employee
  • Other

I went through very rigorous process of evaluating how to structure the navigation and I settled on what you see today.

The main issue is that categories like Purchases, Sales, Inventory or even People are artificial. They don’t represent real thing. For example, not all purchases would be recorded under Purchases category. Cash purchases could be recorded under Bank accounts.

Or inventory, what’s the point of having Inventory category if sales and purchases of inventory are happening under different categories such as Banking, Purchases or Sales.

Or how about if you don’t you use sales quotes, sales orders or credit notes. Then you end up with whole category called Sales with only one sub-item in there called Sales Invoices. That would look weird. Not to mention, not all sales are necessarily to be recorded under Sales category.

There are a lot more issues once you start digging deeper. Been there, came back and realized categorization is not a solution. I don’t think I completely nailed the navigation yet, there are some aspects which I’m not happy about but the program is constantly evolving and given more time, outstanding usability issues will be nailed.

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