Like the app but a few changes would make life easier


Just been trying out the software and its looking good. I do however have a few small refinements that wouldnt be too difficult to do to the code to make life more streamlined.

  1. multi addresses per customer - many customers have more than 1 office yet get billed on one account.

  2. customer/supplier drop down list in the delivery address on purchase orders and invoices

  3. Customers using different currency tend to buy in that currency. When billing a customer it would be beneficial if the customers currency was default with an option to charge in the business’ currency but with over ride to default busines currency.

  4. Whether inventory or non inventory supplied goods, it would be fantastic for multi supplier pricing and in currencies related to that supplier. ie I sell tyres in uk germany and australia and have business registration in these countries yet my suppliers in these countries all sell the same make model and part number of tyre. It makes it easier if there is a way to have regional purchase pricing and tax codes, and some items we buy in belgium but never sell in belgium thus tax is zero rated.

5)The inventory items and purchase invoice items would benefit from a multi supplier code

There is more but i think i’ve added enough for now. But most of this isnt big add ons or changes to the code

  1. For now, you can enter all their addresses in Billing address field and then delete manually those which don’t apply when creating an invoice.
  2. I think this relates to 1.)
  3. When you create a customer, you can set currency for this customer. Then all their invoices, quotes, orders etc. will be in that currency.
  4. You can use Purchase invoice items under Settings tab to create many memorized line items. This is useful when buying the same inventory item from different suppliers. You can create purchase invoice item for each supplier.
  5. Not sure what you mean but if you use purchase invoice items, then item code on purchase invoice item will override inventory item code.