Is there any lag or issues for high volume business?and users

I’m getting ready to get the cloud edition but was wondering if having sevral users activeily working on sevral business’ would cause any lags or anyother issues.

Not from the Manager Cloud Server, but if you have many users working simultaneously on the same internet connection that your business provides it could potentially affect bandwidth similar to any other simultaneous internet usage by your company.

@UsmanRaza There are limits but they are high enough that 99.9% customers don’t hit them. And the ones that are pushing boundaries, I’ll look into their usage patterns and see what can be done. There are accounting firms on cloud edition with hundreds of businesses and hundreds of users without any issues.


thank you for your response and I know many are curious as to where the limits lay with the system. I think this might probobly the only reason why I would want to host my own server, for the fear that my customers’ might face an issue like that, even though it is rather hectic. :sweat_smile:

As explained by @Lubos and me it is very unlikely that you would face any limits with the Cloud Edition. You much quicker would face bandwith limits with your internet provider than with using Manager.

For example each business has a SQLite database. SQLite can have a maximum database size of 140 terabytes (TB) .