The maximum size of the data and customer

I am pleased to inform you that I have signed up for a free period with you on Cloud Edition and after the trial period I will sign up for one year but I have some important inquiries I would be grateful if you answered as soon as possible:-

1-What is the maximum number of jobs that can be added, for example, 100 or 200 or more.

2-What is the maximum size of data and attachments that can be uploaded by each company or customer to me.

3- What is the maximum amount of data and attachments total annual subscription including all my business and companies.\

4- Is there room to give me a special discount for the annual subscription where I will promote you in Jordan and the UAE and Saudi Arabia

best regrades


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  1. Unlimited, assuming you mean Businesses by Job
  2. Unlimited
  3. Unlimited
  4. No
    At least, thatโ€™s what is quoted on the website

Thank you for your prompt response and the important information that you provided me. I am pleased to be with you and me in this respected group of professional and respected accountants.