Matching bank payment to invoice


I’m trying to match payments to invoices. In the beginning this was fine, but now it hard to find the correct invoice: the list of invoices displayed after selecting “accounts payable” is getting too long, and there is not enough space to list all the information (e.g. invoice number, invoice amount).

Also, I would expect that after selecting the receiver (above), it will also filter invoices on this receiver. However, simply all invoices are displayed.

Am I doing something wrong? Please also see this screenshot:

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I am facing the same issue, it will be useful if the closed invoices doesn’t appear on the list.

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@PRvdO, upgrade to the latest version where after you select an account Accounts payable, you will be able to enter name of supplier (and then optionally reference number of invoice if known).

Thanks for your help @lubos.

The new version is indeed better. I however now do not select any invoice: still the field is too small to see e.g. the amount of the invoice, or the number (if you import bank statements, usually it’s difficult to see any invoice number clearly, the imported rows have very descriptions).

So, for now I just book it to the name of the creditor (btw, why do I have to select the name twice? See picture).

Maybe a solution could be to work with a popup-window or something? Also, it would be great if invoices that have already been matched, are no longer displayed. I’m not sure if manager supports this internally: I know some other accounting software that supports e.g. “grouping one payment with 3 invoices”, and then internally stores this group, only if the debet and credit sides match).

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I agree that once an invoice is fully paid by a debtor, it should no longer appear in thr pull down menu of invoices.
Having all of them in the tiny box list is confusing, clumsy and makes one query which invoice is still outstanding.
Please remove the closed invoices from debtors (and creditors) lists Lubos.