Manger database restore not from Backup

I want to restore the manager database from my disk not my backup. Today while I was working I made an update to my computer when I opened Manager it didn’t show any company, I don’t have a recent backup so I want to restore from the data that must be on my hard disk. Please help.

A computer system update should not have affected Manager. Before you do anything else, shut down and restart your computer and relaunch Manager. (Do not merely restart. Actually shut it down.) If no company is present when you open Manager, you have probably moved the application data to somewhere besides where Manager thinks it is. Click on About Manager to see where the program thinks data is. Read this Guide, which may help:

If you cannot remember where you put the data, search your disk to find the file 00000000000000000000000000000000.manager. Whatever folder that file is in probably holds the rest of your data, too.

What operating system are you using?

The thing is that I’m using a Mac and logged as guest user as my computer is on repair. I didn’t know that guest user files are deleted when logged out. So my situation is that the system deleted the file. I have to find out how to recover those files and then restore to manager.

Several things don’t make sense:

How did you update macOS if you are only a guest user? You need Admin privileges for that action. How did you download and install Manager if you are a guest user? If you stored anything as a guest user, it was, of course, deleted when you logged out. That’s a privacy feature of macOS. Did the Finder not warn you of this when you logged out? There is no way to recover deleted guest user files I know of except with forensic tools. Your problem actually has nothing to do with using Manager, but with misunderstanding of the operating system.

Yes terrible situation. I have the admin password etc, I logged as guest since it is not my computer never imagined that it would erase my data as soon as logged out. Now I know that the disappearance of my files is not Manager fault ???