How to restore manager with Cached data

I upgraded to Big Sur on my Mac, without taking the back-up :sweat:
Now, I cannot find my already entered data in manager. The back-up from the app are around a couple of months old. If I restore from the backup, I will lose substantial entries that I made over the past couple of months. I can find the cached files of Manager in the cache folder. Would it be possible to revive the data based on that? Please help.

It is not quite clear what you are asking. What cache folder are you referring to?

You can always import a xxx.manager file and see what it contains. You can remove it if it is not what you are looking for.

But your data should be in your application data folder. Normally, a system update does nothing to this. But you may have moved your data files elsewhere. See this Guide for information about finding and managing contents of the application data folder:

Manager upgrade never deletes your data. Something else must have gone wrong.

Try to search your entire computer for files with .manager extension. Your data will be somewhere.

Remember, @Rdubey, if you search, the Manager files may be hidden. On your Mac, to display hidden files, press Command + Shift + . at the same time. (That is the period or dot.)

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tried that. couldn’t find my old .manager files. probably deleted by MacOS on update to BigSur OS. Now recreating. Lesson learnt; taking backup almost on a daily basis.

It would seem most, most unlikely that a OS update would delete your files without any warning