Mandatory to select customer name while creating a sales invoice

Out of curiosity, @ebunders, how were you previously creating sales invoices? A sales invoice presumes you are selling on credit. It creates an account receivable for a specific customer in the Accounts receivable control account. While it was always possible to have a generic customer, such as “Cash Customer,” with no customer, many necessary things did not happen properly within Manager. Most notably, sales invoices showed as Paid in Full that were not.

What I mean is that it no longer makes sense to be able to enable/disable them separately, as using invoices implies using customers. But maybe It is viable to use customers without invoices?

Well I must admit it was a bit of a weird use case. Among other things I use Manager to track shows we do and payment for those. But mostly we get paid ‘in hand’. So for me the invoices are just a way to keep track of what shows are paid and what shows aren’t yet.

I think it is an excellent idea to make customer mandatory, but:

  • I was a little surprised when I suddenly couldn’t open my invoices for no apparent reason.
  • When I figured it out, I still had to activate the Customer module first before I could create a generic customer to add to all my invoices. And that was basically my point. It’s a bit odd to be able to have the Customers module disabled if it is required by another module that you have enabled.

So that’s really it: I don’t know if modules can have module dependencies, but that’s basically what you would want in a case like this.

But it’s really a big deal, I’d say

You are right. Some tabs don’t make sense standalone. For example, Production Orders tab cannot really work without Inventory Items and Sales Invoices tab cannot really work without Customers tab etc.