Managing Jewelry Inventory/Product and Category & Sub-category of product

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for this outstanding software.

I am using it for managing a Gold/Jewelry Shop.

The situation I am facing is the product category and sub-category and their total number in stock and count.
Each item is different - for example, there is a category Necklace and there are 20 independent necklaces as the individual item. I want a sold item go away from the inventory list and want to see in which category - how many individual items are there.


Necklace (Product Category)
Necklace 1 - 36.10gm - 1
Necklace 2 - 19.2 gm - 1
Necklace 3 - 22.2 gm - 1

                    77.5 gm   -  3 

Finger Ring (Product Category)
Finger Ring 1 - 36.10gm - 1
Finger Ring 2 - 19.2 gm - 1
Finger Ring 3 - 22.2 gm - 1
Finger Ring 4 - 22.2 gm - 1

                       99.7 gm   -  4 

I want an item go away from the inventory when it’s sold.

How to achieve this?
Any alternative solution?

Please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

you will have to create each item as separate inventory item.
then you can create custom fields to group them as Necklace, Ring, etc.

I did so. But the problem is I can’t check how much remaining weight & no. of product in-total remaining in a particular category.

you can try generating custom reports for inventory items.
honestly i have not tried it myself so i am not completely sure. but i am sure the visible columns can be produced in a custom report.

There is no ability to perform calculations across inventory items or categories set as custom fields. Custom fields are purely informational. Manager does not use them internally. The program regards each inventory item as a unique subsidiary ledger.

For this specialized need, you will need to export the Inventory Items tab list to a spreadsheet and perform calculations there.

You cannot make inventory items “go away” once there has been any transaction for it. You can only make it inactive. See

Am I correct in assuming you make custom jewellery where every items is unique?
If so, I suspect having one inventory item for each product category may work better eg Gold necklace, diamond ring, etc. Then each actual piece of jewellery made would be a production order containing the actual amount of precious metal in each item of jewellery.

If instead you make a relatively fixed range of jewellery such as Necklace fixed style A & fixed length X, Necklace fixed style B & Fixed length Y etc. Then these would need to be you inventory items, which Manager could track the quantity on hand. In addition when you phased out a particular product (eg Necklace fixed style B & Fixed length Y) then you would mark it as inactive in Manager.

I think this is a very good and perfect idea. Doing it manually would be better where you can mark sold jewelry as inactive after it has gone. This will save you of any unnecessary stress.

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I’ve removed it. Thanks!