Managers partner

I just found that I can register as Managers partner and get custom activation key and other things.
Can I have more details on the partnership with

registering as a partner will get you a custom activation code if you wish to distribute desktop edition to other users who in-turn will get support from you rather than from the Manager team directly.
no references to will be visible to users of such distributed software.
all information related to you provided when registering as a partner will be shown on the Support page.

Has this got anything to do with commercial distribution?

That depends what you mean by “commercial distribution.” This option is for users, such as accountants, who want to have their clients use Manager, but without Manager branding. It will also be without Manager support, access to the forum, Guides, etc.

Commercial means that I represent&sell manager and get % from sales.

You can’t sell Manager.

I am not selling, I am trying to figure out what it means partner with manager.

Just as @sharpdrivetek and I already told you.

you cannot sell Manager. if you are an accountant you can distribute Manager to your clients and charge them accounting fees and provide all support related to Manager. you can charge for the services you provide and not sell Manager.

can be a partner in server edition ???

no. it is for desktop edition only. server edition already does not have any reference to Manager. it is managed by an administrator.

Good day,

How Can we register as partners of Is there a fee to it?

There are no partners. So you can’t.