Affilliation/commission on clients joining?

Is there perhaps an affiliation program available that one can earn commission if we tell clients about this program and they buy the coud or server version?


No. You can become a partner. (Look for the link at the bottom of the Support tab.) This let’s you provide a white label version of the program to clients without any branding. But it also does away with forum access and Guides, so you have to provide all user support yourself. And you don’t make any money from it.

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That links is broken.

There is a different approach now. See

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Thanks that allows for re-branding.

Is there an affiliate program?

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As @Tut already mentioned, there is not.

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Ok was just hoping there was one included in the “different approach” :slight_smile:

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The below guide shows that I can rebrand the desktop edition (Windows). Can I also rebrand the cloud version or server version of Manager and how to do that?

Also, for rebranding, I need to create a user guide. Can I totally copy the present guide created by Manager?