Manager window moves off screen

Windows 10 PC. Every time I open Manager, the window is in a different position. It does not remember the last position. It will eventually works it way off the screen if I do not drag it back to center. Tried Shift and close, does not help. It has been this way since I first tried Manager over a year ago. Same issue with Window 7 desktop. I do no have this problem with any other program I run.

Manager does not store the position of the window when you close the app. It only stores the size. This is because it runs on multiple platforms. Your other programs are written for single operating systems. But when relaunching, the window should be centered.

What do you mean by this? Are you suggesting the window spontaneously wanders while the program is open? Or that it re-opens at random positions? Or that it moves progressively in some direction? What are you saying?

No, it mean every time I open or launch the program it opens lower on the screen. It cascades lower each time it is open. Eventually working its way off the monitor screen. But I usually drag it centered before it does.

I am using Windows 10 Home version 2004 Build 19041.388
My default browser is Microsoft Edge

Usually I open, use and close manager in full screen

If I change it to smaller window, close manager and re-open it re-opens in the same size window in a different place

I believe this is a function of the interaction between Windows and your browser
I don’t know enough about Windows/Edge to see where if anywhere you can influence how the window opens

In my case I usually work on a laptop and the full screen mode is the only one that works comfortably for me

I cannot comment about this strange behavior on Windows. Under macOS, the window always opens at the same size it was when closed, in the center of the screen. In fact, if you have a large monitor and use Manager in one corner of it, it’s somewhat irritating that you always have to drag it back there after reopening.

Sounds like we should address the complaint to Cupertino and Redmond :grin:

I use the desktop version, no online or cloud. I have no browser open. The size does stay the same, location is always different. And never in the center. Other then cascading when reopen, at best it opens in upper right hand corner of screen.

I do have dual monitor. But this has been an issue with previous versions, single monitor, and in Win7.

Still annoying.

Well, in fact you do as Manager’s display mode is a browser window. You can right-click anywhere in Manager’s screen and select Properties, then copy the Address (URL) and paste it into your standard browser’s address bar and see what happens.

well slap me with a stupid stick!! Did not realize it was a browser window. But my browser, chrome, does not find new location to open every time.

Regardless, it is still an annoyance that I wish could be fixed. I have a large monitor and do not need full screen on all my programs.