Manager doesn't remember window size (Mac)

A few days ago, my iMac internal hard disk died. :joy:
I replaced the disk and reinstalled a fresh copy of macO Sierra 10.12.4.

Now, every time I start Manager opens in a small window. I resize the window to my needs, but, when I reopen Manager this happen again. Never had this problem before.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can’t remember if this is Mac or Manager issue.

iMac 27", Manager 17.3.16.

Probably not quite the answer you’re looking for, but on my MBP running ElCap, I life to run most apps in almost fullscreen mode (not on a separate desktop window, just maximised to the screen but without hiding menu bars etc). I do this by Alt/Optioin clicking the GREEN maximise option. If you hover over the green button and toggle the option key, you’ll note it changes between a maximise (a plus sign) to a full-screen (diagonal SW/NE arrows). When closing from this position, it always reopens to this position (for me).

Well, when I use the combination Alt + maximise, reopens maximized with menus!
But, my display is too big and I am not comfortable with this setting.

I have no problem with all other apps. Strange…

Thanks for the hint.

Yeah, I gathered that might be a problem. ie Having too much real estate lol

Try deleting (or renaming) the plist file, it’ll be recreated the next time you open the app and should revert to the defaults.

As long as you are using the other defaults of, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you have changed the working directory you may need to reset that as well (I’m not sure, but would expect it to be stored in there. It’s not in mine, but I am using the default location).

The plist file will be located in your user (hidden) Library/Preferences folder. Use finder and press Shift+Command+G and type in /Users/username/Library/Preferences/ changing username to your user name. Delete/rename from there or command line.

I’ve noticed what is almost certainly the same behavior. The size file in your applications data folder is supposed to remember window size from last closure. You can delete the file, regardless of whether the application is open or not. The next time you close the app, the file is recreated.

If there is no size file when the app is opened, on my 21" iMac, it opens at nearly full screen (allowing only space for the dock). If closed without window adjustment, it reopens at the same large size. But if any adjustment to the window is made before closing, it reopens next time with a centered window of moderate size. I can’t be sure, but your screen shot looks like you have the same size window (in pixel terms) displayed on a larger background. So your overall result is a window that seems smaller than mine due to monitor differences. For me, it is a workable size. I can see that for you it might not be not.

At any rate, the program is not working as described and intended, so I am elevating this to bug status. To be clear, @lubos, on Macs, the program is picking up the fact that the default window has been changed, but does not seem to store and recover the actual window size or location.

@d3mad Deleting the Manager plist file didn’t change anything.

@Tut I can’t find the “Size file”.

Thank you both!

@ntrim no probs, sorry it didn’t work
@Tut I can confirm that it is across the board. In the “zoomed” state, the window will reopen to the full screen size that I like (I’m on a MBP, not as much real estate as a 27" iMac). But if the program is in a normal/unmaximised/unzoomed state, then no amount of ctrl/command/alt/clicking/drag/dropping saving gets the app to open anywhere else but centre of the screen in a relatively small sized window. The folder is normally hidden, so show hidden folders or copy and paste as described.

Thanks. Should be fixed in the latest version (17.3.18).

Window size is now remembered. I don’t know, @lubos, whether you also intended window location to be preserved, but it isn’t. The window opens in a central location no matter where it was upon closure. But the size is correct. Personally, I don’t think location is an issue.

All good now (Manager 17.3.19).

@Tut In my system, Manager reopens with window size and location exactly where it was upon closure (remember, mine is bigger than yours… :sunglasses:).