How can i add multi user in Desktop edition?

I m new user of this software. This is a awesome accounting software. I m using desktop edition but can’t access multi user. is it possible to add this feature on Desktop edition? Thank you.

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It is not possible in desktop edition.
For multi user you need to use Cloud Edition or Server Edition.

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It’s not possible now. if Manager add this feature than we can use it multi user in desktop edition.

I think that this is simply a matter of evaluating what functionality you need from Manager in terms of users.
Simply put, if you need Manager for just one user, then you can use Desktop Edition.
In turn, if you need to have multiple users, then you will need to use either Cloud Edition or Server Edition.

The publisher of Manager has seen fit to offer these options to allow us as users to make the choice that will best suit our circumstances and requirements.

One final observation:- A desktop or laptop computer that one might typically regard as a single-user prospect, (ie Linux, Windows Mac etc that most of us use every day), is typically quite capable of running server services, and could therefore be considered a ‘server’ if say Manager Server Edition were to be installed on it, thereby offering the additional functionality of multi-user access to Manager. OK, so an everyday PC is not typically designed and built with the resilience and sheer dogged reliability and fail-over features of a purpose-built server machine, but never-the-less, it is quite possible to have it run services of different sorts that are used by other computers on a network.

If multi-user capability were added to the desktop edition, soon Manager would cease to exist. NGSoftware follows a “freemium” business model. (Google that term to learn more.) The desktop edition is available free to single users. This is the introductory product. The premium versions, server and cloud, cost money. That is how they stay in business. Manager is not a public service.

Be happy that unlike virtually all other so-called free accounting software, you are not limited in the number of transactions you can enter before having to buy something. Nor are you limited in accounting functions.


Hi there,

I was wondering is it possible to run multiple user through using Google drive. Will be using Google drive for saving all Manager data.
I run a small business and the number of user will be only 2 person. But both of them will be accessing the software from different location and that is why I thought of using google drive for saving and accessing all Manager data.

Its been just one day since we have started using Manager and I am still not convinced for switching to cloud version.

Desktop Edition doesn’t have multi user capabilities.
If you want 2 person access, then you need either the Server or Cloud Editions

You can try the server edition for free. You could subscribe to cloud for a month. You can always go back to the desktop edition and preserve all data. Very little cost and no risk.