Manager on USB drive

I’m running Manager on a USB drive and that works perfectly fine on one PC. When I load the Manager data from the USB drive on another PC, it opens the data file perfectly fine as well, however it stores newly made files locally on that PC and not on the USB drive, so when I open the data the other PC again the files are not there. I can’t find any setting that would prevent this from happening.

I can see some Manager files are stored on the local drive of that 2nd PC, but I need that version of Manager to also write the new files on the USB drive and not locally.

FYI I am running two different versions of the Desktop software.

Any clues what’s going on here?


Yes. Each installation is writing to different files in different locations. Apparently, you have set the first installation to store application data on the USB drive. You allowed the second installation to store data at the default location. So you are splitting your data between two completely separate data files. On each installation, the application data path is shown under the Preferences tab and can be changed there.

You also will get into trouble running different versions. Manager automatically restructures data files when new features are added. New versions can open older files, but the reverse is not true.

Read and for more information.

Hi Tut,

Understood, and thanks for the reply! I’ll update my main Manager installation. Haven’t done that in a while because last time I did that it resulted in heaps of issues.

I was under the impression it was forwards and backwards compatible, lesson learned!