May I use manager on two different pc?

What I mean if I may do my accounting in different pc?

There is the networked version which costs $199 to own forever, has unlimited users.

Yes, you can. You can save your data to a networked location, or cloud account, and just point manager to these files.

You need to bear in mind that all copies of manager need to be at the same version number when accessing your accounts, i.e. if you upgrade on one computer, make sure you upgrade the other too.

You can also purchase the cloud version of Manager, with a monthly charge.

Do you mean via the BackUp file Rob?

I tried this and it just backed up the data on the PC I was using, when I went to the next PC and Backed Up, it saved that PC’s version and over-wrote the original PC’s version… losing some of my files.

Hopefully that makes sense…

No. I store my data files in a folder on a networked drive.

If you open your manager account, go to ‘About Manager’, you may type in the path to your data files. I found that once I typed in the path I had to exit Manager and then re-start it. It then stored the path to the data files and I can access them from any computer I have Manager running on by ensuring I point to that same data directory.