Manager on USB stick


Hello, can anybody tell me if its possible to download the application on a usb stick so you can have it on desktop and laptop as well??

i try to download on the stick but they didnt open the folder



You can install Manager on the usb, but you should just try to carry the data instead of complete software. Just install the app on both systems i-e; Desktop and Laptop. And change the local storage route to USB drive. You can work and save on the USB, without carrying the complete software.

To change the local storage route, please kindly About Manager at the top and then change route.

Let me know if it was useful. Best of Luck :smile:


There is no easy way to use Manager in portable mode. The main problem is that Application Data path is by default located outside of application folder somewhere on your primary hard-drive.

The only good solution would be to create special portable edition. That way you could just unzip the program onto USB stick and it would be pre-configured to make sure data is also stored on USB stick.

This is not something I’m ready to work on right away but if there is enough interest, I will reconsider.


Manager on USB using PortableApps? Anyone?


Just wondering if this is a real issue?

Don’t we already have a portable solution via the Cloud version? I Log on to Manager from many devices depending on where I am, including my iphone. I don’t need to carry (and hopefully not lose) a USB drive to achieve access where and when I need it.

There is such a variety of great functions Manager could do, given resources, personally we would prefer Lubos et al to work on those rather than functionality which already works well.

Our 2 cents worth.


Agreed. I also have the cloud addition and can access my data from any device as long as I have an internet connection. For very little money you can get cloud addition and access your business data from anywhere with internet connection.