Manager on Chromebooks

With the new Chromebooks, it appears that it is possible to run Microsoft Word and Excel. I’m wondering if it is possible to download Manager on one of the new Chromebooks?

i believe you can only run the web version called Microsoft 365 on chromebooks. this only requires users to sign in and use the programs in the browser itself similar to google docs which do not require any actual program installation locally.


Have you tried to run the Linux Manager.AppImage?

I’m contemplating buying a new Chromebook but I want to know if it will work. I think it is possible to create a Linux partition through the Chromebook developer mode and thinking Iay be able to load Manager that way. I also have a Microsoft Office subscription and think it is now possible to run fully functioning Excel spreadsheets with macros etc on the new Chromebook. I’m not 100% sure of all this so looking for advice and direction.

Running Linux on a Chromebook seems to defeat the raison d’étre of a Chromebook.

I thought it was a lighrweight O/S to minimse processor and memory requirements and designed to run applications on the web.

But maybe I’m wrong

I must warn all participants in this topic: I am not going to let it degenerate into a discussion of capabilities of Chromebooks. System requirements for desktop editions of Manager are published on the Download page. Server and cloud editions are accessible from any internet-capable device.

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