Could Manager be installed on a window tablet?

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Could this software be installed on a window tablet with full functions ?

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No. The desktop edition requires Windows Vista or newer. But you could access the cloud edition from a tablet.

@Tut, I think the poster is asking if Manager can be installed on an x86 Windows tablet, like the Microsoft Surface. The answer is yes, but touch input is a poor way to use Manager; you’ll want a mouse and keyboard. For Windows RT tablets that run an ARM CPU, the short answer is no. The long answer is not yet; Microsoft is working on a kind of emulator to enable x86 apps to run on ARM Windows editions. @Tut could probably correct and restate that as Manager supporting any operating system where .NET or Mono is supported (which reminds me to test installing Manager server on a Raspberry Pi).

Manager Desktop works fine on Linx 10, Linx 12v64 and Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 tablets, these being x86 compatible machines, as noted. There’s no reason why the software would not function on other similar tablets, convertibles and 2-in-1s.

As long as it’s used with a larger machine (I’d say > 11") with a high resolution screen (e.g., 1920x1080 or above), Manager works reasonably well for me with the touch interface. Yes, some elements are a little fiddly to tap on perhaps (e.g., when drilling down in reports) but I have no qualms with small input jobs (creating the odd invoice) or reviewing reports. However, smaller tablets, 10" and below, or any with lower resolution screens causing horizontal scrolling, touch may not be a great experience.

As noted by @tut and @blitternand, older Windows RT tablets will not work with the desktop edition of Manager but presumably they would be fine accessing cloud or server installations through the web browser, with the same comments about resolution and horizontal scrolling limiting the effectiveness of touch.

I was only quoting the system requirements from the web site.

If you’re thinking about a Rasberry Pi, search the forum. There have been several discussions.

Thank you for this thread. Couldn’t have come at a better time!
We are about to buy a new laptop or tablet which will run the cloud edition and will be used by a field service employee who will be limited to access of Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, Customers and 1 x Cash account. The main purpose will be to invoice customers onsite.
@blitternand and @BGPS would you mind giving a recommendation of what you would get if it were you as you seem to know what to look for to get the best experience from Manager. Even a list of the minimum system requirements that you would be looking for would be great if you didn’t want to specify a brand/model. Then I can show the sales rep and be confident I’m getting something suitable!

I’ll let @BGPS chime in, but in my opinion it’s really whatever hardware you want. Manager uses incredible few system resources, unlike other programs coughQuickBookscough. Manager itself will run on any hardware supported by the underlying operating system, so no 8GB RAM or Intel Core i7s needed. If running the cloud or server edition, quite literally any device with a modern web browser and large enough screen will be just fine running Manager. Note that you might want something with more CPU and RAM for other applications, like Microsoft Office, 5+ tabs in Google Chrome, Spotify, etc. Oh, and it’s 2017. Never buy a PC or laptop with a traditional hard drive; always choose SSD (aka flash) storage. You’ll thank me later.


Looking solely at Manager, using the cloud service, you’re not going to need a lot. You’re essentially only interacting with a website and so, you’re not going to need much processing power or storage space. Even one of the low specced Atom-based tablets should be fine - it can even be used on a smartphone web-browser if you were so inclined, although I wouldn’t use that for any sort of heavy-duty work just because the interface isn’t designed for mobile.

I frequently use a Linx 12v64 tablet which uses an Atom processor with 4GB running the desktop edition of Manager without an issue and whilst trialling the server edition (similar in principle to the cloud) have interacted with it on a smartphone as a proof-of-concept, which works albeit with a lot of zooming in and out.

Perhaps more important to consider then are things like screen size vs portability, connectivity (e.g., do you need built in mobile/cellular data or is just Wi-Fi fine) and what other applications you’re going to use the device for. Cheap and/or low-end tablets, convertibles and 2-in-1s may be fine for light work and web-based activities but they may still struggle with multi-tasking, formula-heavy spreadsheets, multi-tab web-browsing etc.

So, bringing it back to personal experience, whilst I am generally happy with my low-end Linx 12v64, I do suffer general slowdowns from time-to-time. This isn’t a Manager thing, which on its own works well, it’s just the machine getting bogged down with Word, Excel, Edge and some other bits and pieces all running simultaneously and competing for limited resources. The price was good, so I’m happy with the trade-off but if I could have afforded something more powerful, that would’ve been my preferred option.


ETA: I agree with @blitternand If budget can include a tablet with an SSD, that’s preferable to one using eMMC storage which is known to deteriorate and slow down after time. And if you can afford more than what you need now, that may save you buying again sooner rather than later.


Made me laugh with the quickbooks comment. :laughing:[quote=“blitternand, post:7, topic:8772”]
Never buy a PC or laptop with a traditional hard drive; always choose SSD (aka flash) storage. You’ll thank me later.

Will take your advice. Thanks very much for your reply. It’s appreciated!

Actually all new windows tablets runs win 8 or win 10 OS.

Thank you all very much for your help !

We’ve been using an ipad and hoping :pray:for a mobile app but in the meantime we need to make Manager as easy as possible to use on the go. Will take your suggestions on board re: screen size vs portability and also connectivity. Thank you for your post. It was helpful and really is appreciated. We can now make a more informed choice!