Sales Tax row on Sales Invoice

After the upgrade I notice there is still a column under sub total for sales tax but it does not indicate ‘Sales tax ___ County’ like it used to. Can I get that back?

Please are you using a custom sales tax?

Whatever name is entered under Tax codes => Settings:

Will appear on the sales invoice:

But Manager will allow you to delete the name. In that case, the label on the finished sales invoice disappears. This even works retroactively on existing invoices:

So, @aboveall, I think if you check you will discover the name of your tax code has been deleted. If that is not the case, then you have a big problem that will require more investigation.

Yes using a custom tax code see attached

See Tax code setting attachment looks like I need to change

I did change to ‘Single Rate’ and put the % in. However, in the ‘Account’ drop down ‘Tax Payable’ was greyed out should I just leave it? That would be the field I would want it in

The tax payable represent a liability account in which sales tax will be entered. If you have a different liability account you want the sales tax to be entered in, you can select it there.

Have you tried @Tut 's comment?

Your last screen shot makes the problem clear, @aboveall. You have defined the custom tax code for Chenango county as a multiple rate code. Manager expects multiple rate codes to have individual component names, and it shows the names and amounts for the components individually on the invoice. If you do not enter component names, Manager lumps the amounts for the various components together and shows them on a single, unlabeled line. If at least one component has a name, all components will be listed separately, with names for those that have been assigned. But the overall custom tax code name is not displayed under any circumstances for multi-component custom tax codes.

So, if your Chenango county tax code really has only one component, designate it as a single rate code. Otherwise, name all components.

If the tax code has several components, be sure you have read these Guides: