request for variables and arrays

Dear all,

I was looking for a list of variables and arrays I can use. In the meantime I’ve found these links: and

I didn’t found an official document about this. Is this out there?

I would like to include the due/expiry date in my sales invoices, but cannot find the correct value.
I’ve read about the array fields ({{ fields[0].text }}), but this does not work for me. I got now something like this: “You are kindly requested to pay the amount of {{ table.totals[“Total”] }}
before {{ fields[1].text }} to be transferred to bank account {{ custom_fields[“IBAN”] }} to {{ }} in {{ custom_fields[“City”] }}.”
For now and the next step for setting up together with email templates, I’d really like to have an official list (varibles and arrays) to develop from.

Many thanks in advance,

As far I as know there isn’t one yet. But the promise was made several times that there will be. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to be rude…but is this too much to ask? In general it’s good for all developers to have a list with all variables/arrays, isn’t?

Do you understand that Manager is not open source software?

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That’s true, though if I want to use/develop one another, I sure need a bit more.