Liquid code objects

Hi all,
Been using Manager for some time now, but would like to expand its capabilities.

I am trying to set an email template, which I understand, but want to heavily customise usin the Liquid objects variables eg: customer first name.

Question: where is the list of possible object variables that Manager uses. Have tried using some of the liquid objects but don’t work. Any pointers would be most appreciated



There isn’t one.

Also, and I am not entirely sure about this, but last time I was poking around the theme it seemed that Manager uses

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Manager also does not store first names of customers as separate variables. The variable includes the entire name as defined in the Customers tab.

Thanks for the responses

Ok fair enough, but is there a list of object variables that are used.?

INV no, item, inv date, due date, price, and alike


I think you can find some of them explicitly if you create a custom theme

You could also amend a custom theme to print out the field names as it steps through the fields

Thanks joe91, shall have a little play later

If you copy the built-in Plain theme to a new custom theme, every variable is included in that theme. The challenge comes from the fact that, for each transaction form, what goes into each variable can be different. For example, on a sales invoice, recipient is the customer. On a purchase invoice, recipient is the supplier. On a payslip, it is the employee. Remember, one theme is able to display all transaction types.

What about If I need to simply add my bank or cash account to the pay/receipt form…

What would be the correct variable to use?

like recipient for (Customer or supplier, what is the equivalent for bank/cash account?

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