Manager Inventory Integration with WooCommerce

Hi All,
I want to integrate my inventory & Sales with WooCommerce. Is there anything like Plugins etc. which can achieve this. This will be really helpful as it decrease my manual works a lot.
@lubos @Tut

a feature named Extensions was recently introduced which enables a user to create custom javascript to perform desired actions. maybe this would be useful in your case but the Extensions feature is still a work in progress.

also, there is an undocumented API feature which you can make use of. please search the forum for more details regarding the same.

Thanks sharpdrivetek,
Can you sent some api documentation as I didn’t found any articles on the guide section.

There are no Guides about the API. That is why @sharpdrivetek said the API was undocumented. The suggestion was to search the forum.

Thanks Tut,

You could search the forum for WooCommerce…