Manager Ideas rollout strategy

@lubos I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing your Manager update strategy as the implementation of ideas is standing still.

Perhaps every first month you could implement whatever features and updates you are planning to implement on your roadmap, but then every second month you could perhaps implement a couple of ideas suggested by forum users.

The ideas category now has 167 requests with some of them going back years. This is going to continue to build until it becomes an impossible task to catch up.

I would suggest that perhaps you review all the ideas and reject some of the ideas that you don’t plan to implement thus only keeping within the ideas category ideas that you are actually wanting to implement. Perhaps you could create two ideas categories. One for new ideas waiting for your approval and one for approved ideas waiting for implementation.

Without wanting to push my ideas forward over others users ideas, I am really wanting to see a couple of my ideas introduced in the near future on the grounds that I have been waiting for one of the features for four years! For example.

Documentation on Making Tax Digital using Manager - URGENT FOR EVERY USER IN THE UK

Clone Inventory Option Idea -This request seems to popular with other users and this would be really useful

Status of quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Idea - When I started using Manager in april 2015, this was the first feature I requested and I still really want this.

New Custom Sales Report Required Idea This one is one that I just thought of this week. This would save me two days work every year if this feature could be implemented.

While the list is growing, to be sure, your perception that things are standing still is incorrect. Almost every month, the newsletter announces new features that originated as ideas on the list.

Also, have you noticed the new voting scheme in the ideas category? It was introduced only a few days ago.

Yes I am aware that new features are being introduced nearly every month and no doubt they are coming from the ideas category. Which is great, but it does not negate the fact that the list is growing, but more importantly some ideas are waiting years in implementation and its something that needs to be thought about.

I also think that splitting the ideas categories into two as suggested above.

Yes I saw the voting scheme. Very interesting.