Roadmap of future features


I’ve been using the desktop version for a year now for my small business and it’s been great.

Though I’m curious what future features may be on the drawing board, eg;

Bank Feeds, I see this option in a number of other providers, including paid and free versions, so would be keen to see this in Manager if possible.
Multiple contacts per customers (whereby I can select which contact at a particular customer I’m emailing, as they don’t all want to see quotes etc,

I understand that once you publish a roadmap, you then get hounded for a release date of any listed features, I get it, but it’s always nice to see whats in the pipeline, so that users can evaluate whether they wait for the features or look to another provider for a feature they need/desire…

Great product, keep up the great work !


There is no roadmap. When making decisions whether to use Manager or not, decision must be made based on what Manager is today. Not what it could be 1 year from now.

I want to see bank feeds in Manager too. There is a path I’m working towards to make that happen but don’t want to go into specifics.

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Can you please give us an idea of the FUTURE(Things to EXPECT) in MANAGER? @lubos

@Daniel_Arthur, I am doubtful he able to cater the expectation where he may publish in roadmap. lubos always prioritise bug fixes before continuing developing new features, in my point of view. Some features are complex in process by design.