Items in ideas category

It is clear that when a topic gets promoted to the ideas category that more attention will be paid to it by the developer. It is also clear that one has to be patient or sometimes very patient for an idea to be implemented if ever. I decided to create this post because sometimes we as customers get what I would label promissory notes and often get disappointed by the duration if any to get it implemented.

Recently we get a carrot that Manager will soon make custom reports much more intuitive. Meanwhile as a customer for server edition I feel left out. I hardly get development updates and am very frustrated that those on cloud get new features that we no longer can deliberate.

As such I think that development of Manager is becoming very messy and full of promises without delivery. I put this out here and hope to get many “hearts” as enough is enough and as users we expect results not promises. Sorry @Lubos but this must be said!

Updates are the same for all editions.

No they are not! The Cloud version is ahead of the Server and Desktop Editions.

@eko when you look at there is plenty of progress.

Currently, a lot of work is being done in the lower levels of the code base which brings little material changes to end users. Yes it’s true that cloud edition will get the latest versions daily but the purpose of these releases is to confirm the software remains stable. Even if cloud edition is ahead, it is still fully compatible with server and desktop edition so you can import/export both directions.

All the topics in ideas category are on my radar. I just don’t look at the topics individually. I look at it as a whole which direction to take Manager to solve those topics. That’s why you sometime see nothing happening and then all of a sudden a lot of ideas being solved in short period of time. It takes some preparation to get to that point where I can effortlessly and elegantly solve those topics in rapid succession. There is going to be another burst of solved topics in ideas category soon.

As for undelivered promises in many topics under ideas. Fair enough. This is hard.