Manager has self deleted from my Mac twice

I’ve been using Manager on IMac 10.6.8 for approx 6months and this is the second time that it has dissapeared from my computer without a trace. Fortunately i was able to download and install Manager from a Manager backup the first time but not this time.

Ive tried to download again but on the website i am unable to click on the download button, it’s like it’s just an icon not a button. So i found the old disk image and tried opening from that but all i get is the following.

Tax time soon and this has all my data needed aaaaah!

Any help, much appreciated.

I use Manager on a Mac, also. I just this instant downloaded, installed, and tested the latest version (v15.2.26) from the web site. So the problem is not there (unless there was a problem with v15.2.25 that has been fixed in v15.2.26).

Try again. If it doesn’t work, @lubos will have to look at your problem.

The error indicates you are trying to open newer data in older version.

You need to download the latest version from, old version will not open data from newer version.

thanks, still cant click on the dowload button to start download in firefox but tried in chrome and worked as it should.